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The HotelASP is a self-service universal and accessible tool for property managers that offers in one integrated package: hotel management, channel management, billing management and a web site with direct booking. The HotelASP v6 is certified by the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority with the certificate nº 2537.

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Hotel Management
Nº of Rooms
No Limit
No Limit
No Limit
Nº of Agents
No Limit
No Limit
No Limit
Nº of Room Types
No Limit
No Limit
No Limit
Nº of Rates
No Limit
No Limit
No Limit
Booking and roomstay management. Check-In and Check-Out.
Account management and point of sale
Guest relationship management. Guest Reviews.
Rates & availabilities management
Reports of roomstays, folios, payments, guests and accounting.
Portuguese Market INE Reports - Instituto Nacional de Estatística. Reports By Nationalities.
Portuguese Market Portuguese Market. Integration with SEF - Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras.
Channel Management Integration Integration Integration
Expedia Integration Integration
Sidetours Integration
Rate Engine.
Automatically calculate derived rates. Avoid manual rate entry.
Rule and Notification Engine.
Prevent overbookings by creating rules. Notifications by screen or email.
Batch Updates.
Update large sets of rates and availabilities for different room types, rates and years.
Guest Reviews Integration
Available only with
Promotions Integration
Available only with
Booking Engine & WebSite
Direct Booking Engine
Can be embed or integrated in other website
Hotel website, Photo gallery, Localization map and contacts.
Discount codes, Promotions and Add-Ons
Guest private website
Booking by credit card
Credit card validation and charge is always done by the Hotel
Booking by PayPal
Booking By Bank Transfer
The transfer validation and charge is always done by the Hotel
Billing Management
Create Invoice, Receipt and Credit Notes
Create Working Documents and Simplified Invoices
Configure Main and a Secondary Business
Manage Document Series and Templates
Send documents by Email
Accounting Reports
Export SAF-T XML Accounting File
Portuguese Market Portuguese Market. Certificado Pela Autoridade Tributária Portuguesa com o certificado nº2537.
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